How to Know Your Electric Bike's Battery Range 1

How to Know Your Electric Bike’s Battery Range

Electric bikes are designed to solve the primary problem most people face with traditional bicycles. This is the lack of propulsion without pedaling effort. You have to keep pedaling to finish your trip on a regular bike. A battery and an electric motor are incorporated into an e-bike’s build. This ensures you can enjoy using pedal assist to accentuate your efforts, with an option to rely on it when you get tired.

Every electric bicycle is designed with enough juice to go a certain distance. To go on long-distance rides, you must use an e-bike equipped with enough charge. The total distance you can travel on 100% electric power is known as the battery range. When you set out on an e-bike with enough juice to go the distance, you can approach your ride with more confidence. Keep reading to learn more about knowing the battery range of your electric bike.

Finding E-bike Battery Range

Knowing the range of your e-bike battery is quite easy, especially when you shop from credible manufacturers. Battery range is important information when shopping for an e-bike, as it provides an idea of how far you can go on a full charge. It is a detail usually found among the specs of the e-bike, and you can simply check it on the list. This is the only way to affirm the possible range before purchasing.

If you have an e-bike ride already, you can calculate the range yourself by measuring the distance you travel on a complete charge. If you’re wondering, no universal method is available for checking the battery range. The only ways to find out are your opinion and the manufacturer’s information.

Factors Affecting Battery Range

As you use your e-bike, remember to care adequately for your battery by checking it before and after every ride. This will help you enjoy the best range achievable from it. Some of the factors affecting battery range include the following:

Battery Capacity

Measured in amp-hours (Ah), battery capacity refers to the total amount of energy that is contained in a single complete charge. It is a crucial factor in determining the range of an electric bike. A battery with a higher capacity is a lot more likely to provide a longer range than one with less. The Himiway Big Dog, for example, has a battery with a 48V 20Ah capacity designed to perfection for long-distance rides.

While using electric power, other factors come into play, which can deplete the charge on the battery faster. These include the total riding weight, your style, and the terrain you play. Riding with heavier loads can use more energy, resulting in a reduction in battery range. Commuting across rough roads or offroading also requires more motor power, which can also deplete the available charge.

How to Know Your Electric Bike's Battery Range 2


The charge available on the battery is one of the primary factors behind every reduced and increased range enjoyed on an e-bike. The logic is simple. If you embark on your trip with a fully charged battery, you can use electric power for longer than if you set out with about 60%. This solves the problem of enjoying more range on long-distance rides. Just make sure you charge properly using the right type provided by the manufacturer.

There could be a problem still if your e-bike uses a low-capacity battery. You will not be able to use electric power for long, no matter how full it is.

Usage of Pedal-assist

The pedal-assist feature is a system that comprises the electric motor and battery. Once this feature is activated, the system helps you go faster with less pedaling effort. Cautious use of the pedal-assist can extend battery range significantly. This feature can also deplete its charge, so it should be applied carefully. Ensure to use an e-bike that can provide enough juice to cover your use of electricity.

Incorporating some pedaling into your routine can help you use the battery for longer as you proceed. This especially works better if you can afford to sweat on your trip, such as exercising or enjoying a road trip. You can switch off the power and use the pedals from time to time instead. If you use a long-range e-bike like the Himiway Zebra with up to 128 km of travel on its battery, you can enjoy using pedal-assist more.


The type of electric motor installed can end up reducing the e-bike’s eventual range. This is because one with a higher capacity can usually drain the battery faster. However, it is the type of motor used to output power that tends to accentuate this effect. This is mainly because its size and weight can add more pressure on the battery, causing increased temperatures and reduced range.

High motor capacity is needed to assist in tackling hilly climbs and offroading, but this can also have an effect on battery life. To enjoy the best of both worlds, you should use an e-bike with a geared hub motor. They are as efficient as direct-drive motors while being lighter and smaller. Their reduced size and weight, coupled with the consistent provision of power, make them a better choice for enjoying more battery range. Most Himiway e-bikes use a geared hub motor, which also makes them more affordable.

Tire Pressure

When you get an e-bike, a certain pressure limit, expressed in PSI, is usually recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures you can enjoy riding at optimal traction and rolling resistance. The pressure contained in an e-bike’s tires can affect the battery range. Over-inflated tires will have less contact with the road surface, increasing rolling resistance.

Not inflating your tires enough can also be a problem. More effort is required to overcome hilly climbs, while the motor struggles to maintain a consistent speed. The battery is depleted faster and gradually as a result.


There are many benefits to riding an electric bicycle, including battery range. This is defined as the entire distance you can travel on it with enough power to your ride. Most e-bike manufacturers provide the battery range among the e-bike specs, but you can also make your findings when you use one.

Ensure you use a high-quality electric bicycle with a long-range battery to enjoy its benefits. Check our site to see some of the best products available to help you go the distance. Himiway e-bikes are all equipped with batteries designed for long-range.