Outdoor Event

How to plan a Successful Outdoor Event

Imagine warm weather in winter and your plan of having a party; where would you hold it? The answer would be the outdoors in the open under the beautiful sunny canopy of nature. The outdoor event becomes an even bigger luxury when such weather shows its visage for some time in the whole year. It’s impossible to overestimate the exhilaration.

However, just like an indoor event, you cannot start an open-air event without proper planning and considering certain aspects. From the right location to getting a permit to catering to guests’ comfort, many things contribute to the success of your event.

So, whether you are arranging a wedding, birthday party, or just a fundraiser for your community cause, the checklist requires many ticks.

Here is a checklist telling you what needs consideration and how to plan a successful outdoor event.

How to plan a Successful Outdoor Event

Select the venue

Selecting the right location and venue for your outdoor event goes without saying. Determining the right place includes many aspects, such as total space depending on the number of guests, budget, and the age of the attendees. You may also want to have a location with a beautiful background, such as a lake, a swimming pool, or trees for hanging lights. For the outdoor location, having an inflatable marquee tent would be a suitable option with both you can enjoy nature and your guests will be comfortable as well.


If the crowd is significant in number, the venue should have enough space to segregate them into different areas. For instance, you may want to separate the area for serving food and beverages.

Temporary barricading can help you funnel the guests into various spots. One of the most effective ways is to use event fencing to manage the crowd much more effortlessly. The fencing dictates the guests about the right way to reach an area.

Get the permit and know the local ordinances

Once you have selected the venue, now is time to procure the permit. Specific rules govern the use of public spaces for outdoor events. Having access can eliminate any hustle at the eleventh hour.

Another potentially strong reason to shut down an event is when you do not abide by the local ordinances of an area. For instance, you may ignore the noise or break some fire and safety laws. Your neglect causing the last-minute cancellation of your event should be the least desired option on your list.

Know the weather condition

Checking the weather forecast should be one of your priorities. You may be satisfied with the seemingly sunny and pleasant weather, but nature may hold something entirely different for you.

Therefore, have a closer look at the weather forecast. In any way, make sure your right venue has the ability for emergency evacuation or temporary shelter.

A related strategy is to keep a contingency plan ready. If there is sudden rain or strong winds, make sure to have emergency tents or shades.

If you plan on procuring them from outside in case of emergency, always keep all your vendors just a click distance away. Make a judgment when it is the right time to call them before it is too late.

Ensure guest comfort

The guests and their comfort are at the heart of the success of the event. If your guests are not happy, all the efforts can go down the drain, resulting in a loss of effort and money.

If you are holding a mixed gathering with senior people, make sure to arrange for seats, even if it is a walk and talk event. If the weather gets hot, ensure that you have a water and cooling arrangement. You can select the location with shades. Else you may put stalls where the guests can buy hand fans.

Look for dependable catering service

Arranging a birthday party or a wedding event; the catering and food quality can take your event to new levels. But with fairs and community events, catering plays an essential role. There is no doubt that people visiting with their kids and friends will want to enjoy food as well.

Therefore, go through all the details with your catering service provider. The procurement of the right equipment plays an important part. Many times, you might need to provide it for them. Other times, they bring their stuff.

Therefore, assign the role and manage the duties. Make sure to have a team of staff from both sides to ensure the timely delivery of everything.

Ensure electricity and sound system and other equipment

Suppose you are arranging an event that involves dancing and partying. In that case, the availability of power sockets near the equipment is essential.

You can also keep extension cords as your backup to avoid any hassle. Similarly, make the availability of other equipment. The list should be carefully constructed and as exhaustive as possible.

There is no denying that there are always last-minute changes and requirements of stuff. But a more prudent approach is that you consider this possibility and keep your emergency squad ready.


The comfort and freedom offered in an outdoor event are unmatchable with any other arrangement. But the same setting can become a hassle if not handled correctly.

Therefore, certain things need consideration to plan a successful event. From having an event map or a layout at the check-in to barricading to segregate the crowd, every tiny aspect plays an essential role in making your event a total success.