Is it Worth Selling Your House to Zillow

Is it Worth Selling Your House to Zillow? Let’s Find Out

Did you know?

With more than 35 million visitors in 2021, Zillow has gained tremendous popularity in the real estate industry.

Whether you’re trying to save time and money, or make the house-selling process a breeze without breaking the bank, FSBO listings come as a savior to bypass real estate agents altogether.

Though it sounds interesting, there are many downsides involved!

Before answering the question- Should I sell my house to Zillow, it is important to understand what the term “Zillow” exactly means.

What is “Zillow”?

Commonly known as “FSBO” among many realtors, Zillow is a dedicated site for listing your home for sale.

The business concept of Zillow is pretty simple as their main role is to buy houses, get them ready for sale, and then resell them at a higher market value. The crucial part of Zillow is that if it’s free, then also you are required to pay a small amount of commission (4% to 6%) to the buyers who use a real estate agent.

There is no denying the fact that Zillow doesn’t collect a fee for sale by owner transactions, but you can still sell your home for less than it is worth.

Yes, you heard it right!

Although the aggregator site has huge website traffic, it is still not suitable for home sellers. No matter how small or big your property is, you would need to contact your real estate company or a professional agent that has experience and expertise in presenting your property to homebuyers.

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Selling Your House to Zillow

Listed below are the 3 reasons that you don’t need to sell your house to Zillow.

1. Improper Communication

If you are looking to sell your house to Zillow, make sure you think twice before making such a decision. It is no secret that the details are likely to be distributed to numerous agents. When you know the details of your property, you will enter it on the site, assuming that you will get lucrative deals. But that’s not what you think. Instead, you will start receiving hundreds of calls from different buyers who could be scammers.

2. Real Estate Agents Have Better Local Relationships, Unlike Zillow.

Although Zillow has huge customers, it still lacks the individualized attention and neighborhood knowledge that come with dealing with a local real estate agent. Unlike websites and online tools, real estate agents work directly with sellers and buyers. They know ins and outs of the real estate industry and even the tricks that can benefit sellers. Also, agents have multiple connections in the proximity and even outside that may help buyers to get a picture of the houses available in your desired neighborhood.

3. Don’t Go with the Size

No matter the budget of the buyer, they always want to get the best and most detailed information about the property you are selling. Zillow has become so well-known that many people have a misconception that it is the only website on the internet. But the story is somewhat different. Instead, it has a range of obsolete real estate listings.

There are many listed homes on the site that are either sold or expired. When first-time homebuyers see your property listed, it might put them in doubt about whether your property is legitimate or phony.


So, that’s a wrap to the fact that you can consider real estate agents over Zillow to sell your house. The site now allows you to list your house for sale but not for selling purposes.