Looking for an Easier Way to Carry Your Child On Your Shoulders

Looking for an Easier Way to Carry Your Child On Your Shoulders? Here’s Your Answer

Having your kind around is a delightful moment that every parent loves to have; however, it is not possible for some reason. For instance, the mother could not carry the child on her back for too long, especially if the child is heavy or has complications with back pain.

It is also not possible to do some other activities while holding the baby in your hands. The better option is to carry the baby on your shoulders; many kids enjoy it when they are on their parent’s shoulders because of the tall view of the surroundings.

However, you must ensure that you carry the baby safely to avoid falling and do it comfortably. Like other toddler carriers used to carry your baby on the back or front, EZ Baby Shop provides a baby shoulder carrier that is even more comfortable and easy to use. This article looks at the easiest way to carry your child on your shoulders and the factors to consider when buying a shoulder baby carrier.

The Use of Shoulder Carrier

As stated before, a shoulder carrier is simply a baby carrier that enables you to carry the baby safely and comfortably. A shoulder carrier has a Velcro waist strap and comes with a small regular dual-purpose buckle and an adjustable ankle strap. Velcro ankle strap and buckle help to keep the baby firmly attached to your waist strap.

Other baby shoulder carriers come with leg straps, a small seat, and back support, enabling the baby to sit comfortably and safely on your shoulders. A baby shoulder carrier is the best for long exploration and hiking days.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Shoulder Carrier

The Comfort of the Baby Carrier

A baby shoulder carrier should be made of a spongy material like cotton or mesh. Also, consider using those carriers with extra thick straps so that they do not exert much pressure on your waist or your baby’s ankles and make you uncomfortable.

Check The Size

Ensure your child’s shoulder carrier is not too big or too small. It’s important to go for the ones with flexible straps so you can adjust them according to the size of your baby. Also, ensure that the soft structured carriers are strong enough to support the weight of a baby.

Ease to Carry and Wash

Go for a light baby shoulder carrier that will be convenient to carry, especially when you are not using it. Also, lightweight materials are easy to clean; look for the ones that are even machine washable.


Shoulder baby carriers are the best for kids between ages 1-4 because they are very safe and comfortable to use when exploring for long hours or hiking. However, there are some factors to consider when buying a baby shoulder carrier; the comfort of the baby carrier, size, and ease of carrying or washing. You can also consider the cost to determine which types are more affordable.