Olight Arkfeld Rechargeable Flashlight

Olight Arkfeld Rechargeable Flashlight

Olight has released their first dual-light source flashlight; the Arkfeld rechargeable flashlight. Simply switch between the cool white light and the green laser with the flip of a switch. The amazing interface is the best control panel to switch between modes and lights. Five memorized brightness levels make turning on your flashlight to the last setting very convenient. A 3.07oz/87g battery will let you know where your charge is at increments of 25 percent. Need to use both your hands? No problem, this model features a magnetic tail that can attach to any metal area.


Flat design

The Olight Arkfeld is a dual light flashlight equipped with a white light LED and a green laser pointer. Best for business presentations but also as a classic EDC for everyday use, the flat design makes it special in its type. It is convenient to carry in your purse or pocket.

MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable

Olight Arkfeld features a rotary switch that permits you to switch from LED mode to laser mode. Inside, a switch permits you to turn the flashlight off or on and to vary the intensity of the output.

Just below the switch there is the battery indicator status consisting of a series of 4x colored status LEDs that permit you to know the battery charge status in real time. With just one red status LED visible it means that battery capacity is less than ten perfect and so the torch must be charged. For charging, the supplied MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable is possible.

Brightness levels

The brightness levels accessible for LED light are 5 (Low, Moonlight, High, medium, Turbo) plus the strobe level. The mode for memorizing the last picked level is accessible: Arkfeld is capable of memorizing the mode used last time by the user and to propose it again at the next start-up.


The interface is intuitive and simple. From light-off: holding down the switch for one second you enter moonlight mode, while holding down more than 2 seconds the tap is electronically locked. With a one click the torch turns on, while with a double click the turbo is activated, while with 3 clicks you access the strobe.


The tail of the flashlight is magnetic, so it is easy to hang the flashlight on any metallic surface such as the vehicle body or on a blade of a knife. This will permit you to use the flashlight even hand-free. Also, perfect for outdoor activities or for vehicle maintenance.

The Arkfeld also comes with a stainless steel belt clip. It is a strong and large permit to safely connect the flashlight to belts, pockets, backpack, etc.

The waterproofing is promised according to the IPX7 standard, it is resistant to water, sweat, and rain. The highest light output for the high level is 1000 lumens with a maximum throw of 101 meters, and the highest autonomy is about eight days on the lowest mode.

Advantages of Olight Arkfeld rechargeable flashlight

Here are some of the best advantages of Olight Arkfeld:

Battery performance

You would not need to be worried about your phone’s battery if you use an everyday carry flashlight instead of the flashlight on your mobile. Instead of picking between battery life and light output, you may use an EDC flashlight to illuminate the wanted area while saving your phone’s battery life for texts, calls, GPS navigation, and other uses. Many flashlights have exterior battery level indicators that tell you if the battery is low-lasting or running low. With alternatives for rechargeable EDC flashlights like the Olight accessible, you can be sure you will forever have a light. You can get your Olight Arkfeld mechanically charged thanks to its magnetic charging wire.


When doing that, it can be hard to use a smartphone for anything other than a flashlight. It could be impossible, depending on what you are trying to perform. Being prepared with an EDC flashlight frees up your phone, so you can use it for more important jobs like making calls or performing internet searches.

Even EDC flashlights have magnetic bases, permitting for fully hands-free use by attaching the flashlight to something nearby and illuminating an area. Additionally, using a portable EDC flashlight might be easier if you find yourself in confined areas than a broader, larger smartphone.


EDC flashlights are used in environments where utilizing a mobile might impair functionality, such as rainy or dusty conditions. While grime and water might damage the phone, an EDC flashlight made well will keep working as intended. Many EDC flashlights are made to endure drops, very low or high temperatures, and even submerged in water for up to 2 meters.


Smartphones are an investment, and changing one may be extremely costly. It might be costly to repair a phone after a fall. Depending on the damage, you should submit the phone to a professional for repair. A flashlight is an economical or practical solution when you work in environments where you risk damaging or dropping your light. Matched to changing a phone, changing an EDC flashlight is much more simple and cost-friendly.

Quick illumination

Even though phones are becoming better at making it easy to activate the flashlight quickly, some still hide this feature behind a lock display. Phone works very perfectly when you don’t need direct light, but fumbling with a passcode will just do the trick when you do.

Additionally, using touch displays when wearing gloves with bad or wet hands is practically hard. EDC flashlights are quickly activated to give instantaneous light.

End words

In an emergency, an EDC flashlight is the best tool. It does work amazingly well, unlike a phone, and that is all it is intended to do. When they begin carrying EDC flashlights, many are shocked by how continually they use them. Despite their many advantages, cell phones are frequently cumbersome regarding illumination. Because of the problem of utilizing the mobile phone flashlight, people frequently go without illumination when it is dark. Your lighting issues are simply solved with an EDC flashlight. Arkfeld can be an unbeatable option for an EDC flashlight thanks to its amazing design and range of lighting options.