Outdoor Activities That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life 

Most people nowadays are too busy working to plan or even think about what they are going to do during a much deserved holiday break and when holiday time hits, generally just fall into a deep state of relaxation. 

I guess that isn’t all bad, however, one could make the case that undertaking productive outdoor activities during summer holidays will make for a more wholesome and enjoyable time off work. 

I recently spoke with a teacher from Queensland, Australia who undertook some outdoor activities during the QLD school term break and couldn’t stop talking about how we couldn’t wait for the next school holiday QLD.

Whether you enjoy submerging yourself in the beautiful blue ocean or challenging yourself to a great hike up the mountain plains there is definitely an outdoor activity for everyone, not to mention the multitude of benefits one obtains from doing so. Here are 3 activities everyone should try out during their next holiday.


Kayaking is one of the most therapeutic, peaceful outdoor activities and is definitely worth the cost of having to rent or buy the equipment required. The picturesque views of the sea and the feeling of serenity as you paddle yourself through the waves, feeling at one with nature.

This feeling coupled with the fact that it provides a great exercise for your upper-body and core strength makes it one of the most life-improving exercises anyone could try. 

You might even be lucky enough to come across some sea wildlife such as, dolphins, turtles and various fish which if you like animals would make it x10 more enjoyable. 

Kayaking is also something that can be performed by yourself and doesn’t require anyone else in order to try although if you do try this by yourself then exercise safety by perhaps wearing a lifejacket and or bringing equipment such as flares in case of an emergency. 

Kayaking can also make a great social outdoor group activity as well. Imagine paddling down a river with some friends and taking in the wildlife and nature with a close group of friends. Plus if it gets too hot you can always go for a dip in the water! 


Basketball may seem like an intimidating and inconvenient activity to try given it is a team game and would normally require 9 other individuals for a classic game to take place. 


However don’t let this stop you as a simple solo shooting session can be one of the most therapeutic exercises out there. The feeling of hearing the ball’s friction against the net as it enters the ring is as satisfying as it gets in the sport. 

A testament to this is Barack Obama, the ex-president of the USA who frequently took shots in the backyard of the whitehouse when he was feeling stressed or overwhelmed from important tasks in the whitehouse. Barack shared his enjoyment of this exercise many times and explained how it helped him clear his mind so he could further apply himself in complex tasks during his time in office. 

Basketball is good because one can start solo shooting at the start and then progress into a team if they enjoy playing and want to improve on their skillset. 

There are also a number of other benefits that can help improve one’s quality of life such as weight loss, improved cardio-vascular aiblity and better hand-eye coordination. 

It may be hard to link throwing a ball into a hoop with a net to one’s quality of life improving, however, exercising does help improve your overall mood and why not get a ball involved why you’re at it. Most find it more enjoyable than going for a run in the park and if you enjoy it more you will most likely commit to doing it more consistently. 

Exercising more frequently will then result in an overall improved mood which will lead to an improved quality of life. 


The nature of the sport golf is one of the more relaxed kinds, it’s a game that takes place over a couple of hours, involves little energy and allows time for chatting and socialising in between shots. This makes it the perfect outdoor activity to try during your next summer holidays and will definitely improve your overall mood to say the least. 

Golf is also a great option if you’re an individual who does not like getting super active and sweaty and prefer an activity that is more relaxed yet still competitive. 

So competitive that some of the highest paid athletes in the world are golfers showing how big this sport is on a global status. 

All in all, if there is one thing anyone can take away from this it is that outdoor activities definitely do provide a number of benefits in an individual’s life so why not undertake a couple during your next holiday period, or even the weekend for that matter! It does not have to be one of these activities but they definitely make a great starting point, the best thing to do is to take action!