Popular Student Accommodations in Melbourne

Popular Student Accommodations in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria’s Australian state and the second-most populous city in Australia. The Melbourne CBD is the main urban area of the city and a hub for international students. Melbourne is home to several educational institutions, and more than 200,000 international students come to Victoria to study.

If you are a foreign student coming to Melbourne, you might be curious about the student living options in Melbourne CBD. Here are some places you might stay while studying in Melbourne.

Homestay Programs

Students coming to Melbourne for studying can live off-campus through homestay programs. In homestay programs, you get room to stay while joining the family for meals.

Rental Properties

Students can rent properties in Melbourne CBD while studying in the city. Several rental properties are available, and you can find detailed information about them through the Internet. These rental properties mostly don’t come with furniture, and you need to make your arrangements.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is a residential facility designed specifically for students from distant places. They are one of the most preferred living options for students. These accommodations are generally located near University campuses, reducing the need to travel every day. You can take a bus or walk the distance to reach the university campus.

Here are facilities you can expect from student accommodations in Melbourne CBD:

Free Unlimited High-Speed Wi-Fi

Internet connectivity is essential for university students as they need to collect lots of information from different Internet sources for their statistics and projects. Australia has many Internet service providers, and you can get Internet speed up to 1000 Mbps. Student accommodation not only offers free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, but you also get connectivity everywhere, no matter at which corner of the building you are staying in.


Breakfast is an important meal and the first one of the day that will provide you loads of energy to keep you going on a day. The student accommodation offers complimentary breakfast to every resident on weekdays that will save your time and keep you full and energetic.

On holidays, students can visit nearby restaurants to enjoy breakfast. Melbourne CBD has several good neighbourhoods like Brunswick, Richmond, St Kilda, Fitzroy, Footscray, and many more where students can enjoy local delicacies.

Space to Study

Besides a private or shared room, you also get a dedicated area to study where you can join your friends. The study space is like a library den with secluded corners where you can study peacefully without disturbing others or getting disturbed by others.

Gym and Exercise Area

When staying away from home, students need to take care of their health by themselves. Daily exercise can keep your body and mind fit. Students have busy schedules that keep them occupied throughout the day, and it is difficult for them to find time to visit the gym nearby. Student accommodation provides a gym and exercise area where students can do various exercises at their convenience.

Onsite Laundry

Washing clothes is a part of daily living. Students leave their residences early and arrive late in the evening. In such cases, giving laundry to 3rd party service providers can be difficult. Student accommodation offers onsite laundry that makes things convenient for students.

To sum up, these are some facilities you can expect from student accommodations in Melbourne.