Property in the mountains in Turkey in 2023

Property in the mountains in Turkey in 2023

Buying a property in Turkey in the mountains is a decision that each buyer makes, focusing on their preferences and the purpose of the purchase. There is no single correct advice in this case. If you are planning to find an apartment for sale in Turkey from the developer you just need to decide on your budget, i.e. define how much money you need to spend on the acquiring of the property and also decide on the location. We suggest having a look at the properties in the mountains and hope that our arguments will persuade you to opt for this option.

Factors determining the price of property in Turkey

The market offers a huge selection of residential and commercial properties with a guaranteed return on investment and high profitability. Real estate located in big cities and tourist centres of the country is especially popular: Istanbul, Alanya, Ankara, Antalya, Mersin.

One of the main issues of buying an apartment in the resorts of Turkey concerns pricing. It is important, at least in general terms, to navigate the factors that shape the price of Turkish real estate.

The cost of Turkish apartments is lower than in Europe, but at the same time, prices per square meter are steadily growing from year to year. The Turkish government is interested in additional injections of foreign capital into the country’s economy, therefore, annually simplifies the process of registering property. Mortgage lending rates are gradually decreasing, and investments are becoming more liquid, allowing you to profit from resale or long-term rentals.

Pricing is determined by:

  • Location (city, district, quarter);
  • Distance from the sea;
  • The level of the residential complex (economy, standard, elite class);
  • Infrastructure size;
  • Year of construction of the residential complex and number of storeys;
  • Layout and views from the windows;
  • Footage and stage of housing readiness.

Be careful and remember that seasonality does not significantly affect the price of apartments and houses in Turkey. In this case, the presence of a sufficient number of sales announcements on the market, as well as the ratio of supply and demand, rather plays a role. Mortgage lending rates and currency fluctuations affect the change in the cost of housing.

So, if you are thinking about buying a Turkish resort property, we advise you not to wait for the summer, but to turn to professionals now.

Properties in the mountains of Turkey

A villa or an apartment in the mountainous part of the country can become a highly profitable asset.

Apartments in the mountains in the resorts of Turkey have a number of advantages:

  • Panoramic views

Gorgeous panoramas in such houses, due to the peculiarities of the relief, as a rule, open not only to the sea, but also to the mountains and the whole city.

  • Secluded location

A calm atmosphere and privacy is a huge plus for those citizens who want to spend time without extraneous noise and fuss, living by the sea in Turkey all the time. It is important to pay attention in advance to the level of development of the urban infrastructure of the area – are there shops, pharmacies, banks, educational institutions and other facilities nearby, how easy and fast it is to get to them.

  • Optimal prices

As you know, the farther the real estate is from the coast, the cheaper the cost per square meter of the property. In addition to the distance from the sea, pricing is formed by such factors as the prestige of the area, the level of the residential complex, internal infrastructure, etc. Therefore, at a price lower than on the coast, you can buy a house in the mountains of Turkey overlooking the sea with the best characteristics of the quality of construction and landscaping.

The relative disadvantages of Turkish real estate near the mountains, perhaps, include the distance from the house to the beach, which will need to be overcome every time you want to sunbathe. Depending on the distance from the sea, some residents prefer pleasant walks to the coast, others use the services of well-developed urban transport, while those who live permanently acquire their own car over time.

Property for sale in Turkey

The catalog on the website contains a huge selection of real estate – from small apartments and spacious penthouses by the sea to luxurious villas and country houses for the whole family with beautiful panoramic views. Many years of successful experience and impeccable reputation of Yekta Homes is a guarantee of your liquid purchase of a real estate in Turkey!