Japanese car auctions

Real Facts – Are Japanese cars better than other cars?

Japan is one of the economic countries of the world. It is standing 3rdon the list right behind China for most economist countries globally. The main export of this country is Japanese used cars, which is the main reason behind this economy.

Japanese used cars have better esteemed than any other car. They are more reliable and durable, unlike American or European automobiles. In 2021, 117,440 Japanese used vehicles were exported, which was relatively more than in March and February. There is a German brand as well, which is loved by people worldwide. German brands like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and many other brands can compete with Japanese brands like Toyota and Honda.

We can compare some of why the Japanese stand tall than other cars. Without further ado, let’s dive into the next phase of our article and check is Japanese cars really worth a shot?


Japanese used cars are a friendly source for roads, and they are the realm in being reliable than any other car. Unlike other car brands, Japanese used cars are engineered perfectly. That is the reason why enthusiast drivers tend to buy it. On the contrary, other car companies release their car models before fixing the issues and making them worthwhile. German car brands are reliable, but not as Japanese used cars.

>Budget wise comparison

American automobile manufacturers have raised their bars because of the car’s availability. While on the other hand, European vehicles are comparatively higher price tags than American and Asian brands. On the contrary, Japanese used cars are cost-efficient and won’t cost you a fortune. Moreover, there are no import taxes on Japanese used vehicles, so you only have to pay for the actual price of the car and no hidden charges.

In addition, Europe has 10% taxes on American cars while there is a 2.5% tax on European passenger cars in the USA.

Japanese car auctions

>Number of Vehicles

The number of Japanese used cars are exported every month has higher numbers than exports of German, American, and European cars. That is why Japanese used vehicles are less expensive and in high demand in the international market. Moreover, there are online trading websites available. So, foreigners can easily make their way and choose any car they want.


European and American cars are expensive, but their vehicle parts aren’t cheap. With that said, Japanese cars have the same quality but low cost. The cars are environmentally friendly and provide a good reputation for your dwelling. Furthermore, the Japanese used cars have excellent fuel efficiency and good mileage. European and American cars are also in this category.


Japanese car owners have a tough time dealing with inspection testing of their vehicles. The exported Japanese used cars are well-maintained and require less work. The spare parts are easily available, so you don’t have to import them. Moreover, Japanese car exporters provide an inspection sheet along with the car to see which type of vehicle you’re purchasing.