Residential Advantages of Split Level Homes in Sydney

Residential Advantages of Split Level Homes in Sydney

If you are planning to build a new home in Sydney, most builders will have a variety of customisable home designs to present. You will have many choices to make, including the size of your new home, integration of the home design with your block, and design features.

If you have a sloping block, a split level home design might be the right decision to maximise the space and views. Split level homes typically have several levels connected by fairly short flights of stairs. On the exterior of the home, you will see split levels with multiple levels of roofs.

A reputable and experienced home builder will be able to share examples of display homes in Sydney that demonstrate customisation features of split level homes. A split level home design can offer plenty of living space while maximising use of a small or sloping block.

Because split level designs will be tailored specifically to your block, you will find a wide variety of options as you begin to plan your design. Here are some of the advantages to split level home designs Sydney.

Plenty of Interior Space

When you are ready to build a new home, one of your primary considerations should be the amount of space you need for your family. The size of your block determines how large of a home you can build.

Plenty of Interior Space

A split level home design can offer more interior space without taking up more square footage of your available building space. Customisable split level home designs Sydney will let you construct as many bedrooms as necessary and unique options for living and dining spaces, all while leaving room for outdoor space on a limited size or shape of land.

Best Fit for a Sloping Block

On a sloping block, the builder faces two choices: level the lot for an even foundation, or adjust the foundation to suit the lot. Levelling the lot can result in time-consuming and costly excavation, while adjusting the foundation for a split level home leads to unique designs that integrate well with the natural features of the block.

The customised features of split level home designs Sydney can lead to spectacular views and fluid construction that maximises available space.

Quiet Indoor Spaces

Because split level houses use shorter flights of stairs to connect separate living areas, it is easier to design for privacy and quiet in the home. An open floor plan in the main living area is great for family activities, while the upper and lower levels offer spaces with a buffer of quiet from noise and activity.

This natural separation of spaces allows for lots of customisation in how a home might be used, from home office space to support for growing families. A split level home design is often ideal for roommates, as each roommate can have their own floor with lots of space and privacy.

Cost-Effective Options

A sloping block with rocky terrain or heavy vegetation presents cost challenges for most home builders. A split level home lets the builder customise the construction to take advantage of natural features rather than levelling or destroying natural features of the available space.

Using the available block space rather than levelling the foundation is often the most cost-effective option for home construction. An experienced home builder should be able to show examples of display homes in Sydney that used the available block space within budget.

Potential for Additions

A split level home can easily be modified with additional space. The home already has a spacious vertical aesthetic with multiple levels. Lofted additions that add new levels to the home offer potential for new space as your family grows.

If you want to consider an additional office, extra bedrooms, or space for new hobbies in the future, a split level home offers flexibility to explore new add-ons that will not spoil the overall appearance of the home.

Lower Upkeep Costs

The design of a split level home is usually clean and simple. This means you will have lower maintenance costs than you might find for a more elaborate home. You will also find that simple improvements and upgrades, like a new coat of paint or an investment in landscaping features, will go a long way to improving the overall aesthetic of your property.

Split level home designs offer wonderful use of natural space, plenty of options for customisation, and effective ways to stay within budget. As you consider your new home design in Sydney, ask your builder if a split level home would be a good option for your block. Make sure to look for examples of split level homes as you create the best residential option for you.