RV basement storage solutions

RV basement storage solutions that you can implement in your vehicle

Not every type of RV has a basement, and only the bigger ones have such a facility. If you do not know what RV basement is then it is a form of storage space beneath the RV’s floor bed. Many different forms of RVs have storage spaces, but they are left often unorganized and cluttered since people do not know what to do with them or how to manage the space for keeping the essential items needed for their journey.

Having some extra storage in your RV makes a huge difference as compared to the RV’s where there is no basement. It really does add a layer of convenience for the owner and fellow travellers.

If you own a RV that has a basement, then look out for storage options, such as RV basement storage slides, storage tubs, etc. and turn the RV basement into a perfect place to store essentials for a comfortable and safe journey.

RV basement storage solutions that you can implement in your vehicle

Cargo Slide

So, if you do not prefer to bend over repeatedly to get any item you need or your back does not support constant bending, then a cargo slide may be the best solution for you. It is a simple and effective mechanism that you can use to fetch your cargo from the basement. A cargo slide is simply a set of rails that you can fix to the basement’s interior. It functions similar to a kitchen drawer, but it is relatively much bigger than your regular drawer. To use it, you have to pull the slider and grab whatever you need with ease.

However, when you are in the market looking for RV basement storage slides, you must remember that installing the sliders into the basement will consume space. Many sliders can even take up to forty percent of the storage space.

Moreover, before installing sliders, you should consider what you will put on the slider; if you plan to store a generator or anything heavy, you must consider buying a heavy-duty slider.

Suspended racks

If you love surfing or you want to store things like a set of golf clubs, canoe or any other item, then you can put suspended racks and get some elevated storage in your basement to store multiple things at once.

Storage Tubs

If you do not want to install anything in your RV but wish to maximize your storage space, you can use plastic storage tubs. They are easy to use, and you can pack the tubs and keep them in the basement space. However, you must measure that the tubs you buy fit correctly inside the basement space. You can even create more than one layer by stacking storage tubs on top of each other.

These are some storage solutions that can help you use the RV basement to the full extent. However, before you implement these, you must keep in mind the weight you add to your RV. So, be conscious about the weight because it can hamper the performance of the RV.