Tactical Backpacks

Tactical Backpacks: Your Ultimate Adventure Companion

Do you have a love of the great outdoors and prefer fun adventures to just sitting at home? When the jungles or woods call your name, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the road ahead. From the boots that provide the traction you need to the clothing that covers your skin, you can tackle almost anything in front of you. While you likely want to pack light and avoid carrying too much, don’t forget to add a backpack to your arsenal. Backpacks with a tactical design are the ultimate choice for adventure lovers. Find out some of the features that make these bags so amazing.

Exterior Pockets

When you’re in a hurry and need something fast, you don’t have time to struggle inside the bag just to find it. These backpacks offer storage in the form of exterior pockets that are easy to use. Keep a can of bear spray in one of those pockets to scare off some of the bears on the trail. You might use another one for your cell phone or GPS device to call for help when needed and find your location when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Interior Pockets

Whether you plan to spend a few hours in the wild or a few days, you need to pack for the trip. One of the benefits of a tactical backpack is that it offers tons of interior storage pockets. You’ll find small pockets with extra padding that keep a spare pair of glasses or your cell phone safe. The bigger pockets are just the right size for the essentials you need on your trip, like comfy clothing you want to keep dry. You even have enough space in the backpack for food and water bottles.

MOLLE System

The United States Army and the British Army both equip soldiers with backpacks that use the MOLLE system. Also known as Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment, the MOLLE system gives you an easy way to connect any optional accessories you want to use on your adventure. Do you hate having to find clean water or using purification tablets? Use a hydration pack with your backpack to stay hydrated on the go. These packs also work with modular pouches that give you more storage. You might add a pouch that holds a few MREs for convenient meals or one that keeps your extra ammunition secure.

Durable Stitching

What good is a backpack that isn’t durable? Most of the bags you find in stores today are suitable for hiking and camping trips, but they can’t stand up to the adventures you have in mind. One reason to invest in a tactical design is that you get durable stitching. Not only does the manufacturer use nylon stitches, but they also opt for reinforced stitching. Even if you fill the pack to the brim and carry a lot of weight, it will never break down on you in the middle of a fun outdoor trip.


One of the top things to look for in a new backpack is the padding that keeps you comfortable. Some backpacks, like those that kids carry to school, have some basic straps and a small amount of padding. The design causes them to feel some discomfort in their shoulders or upper backs. With tactical backpacks, you get extra padding both in the shoulder straps and across the back. This not only reduces your discomfort but can help you battle fatigue. Heavy bags that lack proper padding put a lot of pressure on your body and can cause you to run out of energy faster than you should.

Make a Tactical Pack Your Adventure Companion

When it comes to adventure companions, you might think of your friends who love hunting in the fall and hiking in the summer. Now is the best time to invest in a new adventure companion in the form of a tactical pack. These backpacks can stand up to any adventure you take. They work just as well in the jungle and woods as they do in the city or on vacation. Enjoy many benefits when you buy a backpack today, such as extra padding, multiple pockets, and durable stitching.