The Power of OKRs

Setting goals is a huge part of our society. From making New Year’s Resolutions to seeing “#goals” in everyone’s Instagram posts, it’s impossible to avoid that drive and desire to constantly get a little better. Beyond just the social aspect, this is a huge factor for businesses looking to expand. If you are a business owner, you know all about setting ambitious goals to improve your overall company strategy. You need to meet those metrics to earn more revenue and find better security. Setting business goals helps you find success.

One of the best ways to set meaningful, measurable goals is with the help of Objectives and Key Results (OKR) software. OKRs are designed to help you set stretch goals, stay transparent with your team, and measure outcomes, good or bad.

These are some of the best practices to align your team members and help get your company going in the right direction. Sometimes all you need is a direction and a specific goal-setting framework can be the perfect solution for you. Here are just a few ways in which OKR software can be incredibly powerful and meaningful for your company.

Find clarity with your objectives.

No matter what size company you are running, you’re always juggling a lot of different pieces of information and strategies. The OKR process can help you find clarity with your objectives. Rather than floundering or focusing on multiple company goals at once, your company OKRs can help you prioritize what is needed for the next quarter or what templates will give you a measurable result now. Streamline where you want to go so you can find clarity in your next steps.

Stand out within competitive industries.

The market for any type of business can become incredibly oversaturated. There is a ton of competition to stay afloat and garner a good amount of business. You need to stand out as the best of the best and organized, strategic goals can help. Think about something like the insurance industry.

Whether home, life, or travel to car insurance, there’s a lot to consider in finding a good insurance company to rely on. The sales team for companies like insurancetales.com makes it one of their top priorities to get the word out and make personal connections with customers. Knowing these company objectives helps to motivate their decision-making and marketing tactics. Without OKR techniques, it would be more difficult to define a goal and get their name out there.

Connect your team toward unified goals.

An OKR goal is defined and measurable. These goals are also spread across the company and made clear to everyone which helps unify your team. When important goals are defined and measured, engaged employees will be eager to help reach that desired outcome.

They can then use a focus effort to make the biggest impact rather than putting all their hard work into something that won’t ultimately lead to results. An OKR framework also offers a language where everyone can connect and be inspired in similar ways.

Measure your success so you can continue growing.

Knowing where you’re at is a huge part of running a successful business. You can’t know what to do better next time if you don’t know where you are at the end of the quarter. OKR goals are measurable so you can see how you continue to live up to expectations. It’s like a performance review for the company strategy overall.

Encourage transparency with your employees.

A strategic framework isn’t something that should be hidden. Tactical OKRs should be publicized and you should be constantly checking in on them. This encourages transparency for your wins and your losses. When your employees feel they are achieving with you, they will be more engaged overall.