Essential Garden Tools List

Top 10 Tools You Should Have in Your Essential Garden Tools List

So your favorite hobby is the age-old hobby of gardening. And depending on how deeply you are into gardening, that will determine what kind of tools you’ll need to get the job done. If you just have a few small plants, then a few hand tools will be enough. But if you have a full-blown garden with rows and rows of plants you hope to harvest by fall, then you should get some heavy-duty tools.

But anyone who has stood in the aisle of garden tools at a home improvement store more often than not gets this feeling: Why there are so many choices? Which one do I need? How do I choose the right style or size for me? And how much should I pay? Confusing stuff right?

To get a solution for this confusion you might look up the answers to your questions on the internet at websites like Greeneryguide or other websites, which have an expert opinion on this matter. But even after going through all that, if you think that still your questions haven’t been answered or you just want to get a second opinion about this matter, then be my guest and read until the end of this piece to clear up your confusion.

1. Shovel

You might call it a shovel or a spade. But there is no denying the fact that it is the No. 1 tool on every garden tool list. We generally use the term “spade”  to refer to a tool that is flat-edged and mainly used for cutting and digging. But when it comes to “shovels,” they are more versatile than spades because they have a rounded edge that is often pretty sharp. This sharpness easily cuts through sod, and it is also able to scoop and move soil and mulch. It is a pretty essential tool when it comes to gardening or garden decoration.

2. Trowel

If shovels are for heavy lifting jobs, hand trowels are for smaller tasks yet still pull their weight. They are just the ideal tool if you’re planting smaller annuals or if you need to loosen up the soil around the base of existing plants.

3. Rake

You might not know, but rakes have only two general uses in the garden. For example, you’ll need to rake up leaves or clean other debris ( generally a leaf rake is used in this case), and to loosen up and smoothen the soil, a bow rake is used. It depends on your yard if you would need both types of rake or not.

4. Cultivator

You could imagine a cultivator as a bow-shaped rake for your hands. You will use this type of tool to loosen the soil along with a trowel while you are planting annuals, or if you are doing small cleanup in hard-to-reach places.

5. Hand Pruners

Generally, there are two types of hand pruners: bypass and anvil. The first type is anvil pruners where two blades meet in the middle. The second type, bypass pruners, has a blade with a covered top that passes next to the lower blade and makes a cleaner and more complete cut. And that’s why gardeners mostly favor bypass pruners over anvil pruners.

6. Loppers

Loppers are simply bypassed pruners with extended handles. And because of their long handles, you’re able to reach high areas. Due to their leverage, you’re able to cut through thick branches with just a single squeeze.

7. Snips

When you are about to do any tough cutting jobs in your garden, pruners and loppers should be your go-to tools. But when it comes to the details, then snips come into play. You will need them for dead-heading, cutting flowers, or snipping herbs for the kitchen. Their tiny blades are better than regular scissors because they offer more control. And if you believe that gardening is not just another hobby but an art unto itself, then this is just the tool for you. Because with this tool you can let the artist in you do some artistic and eye-catching garden decorating.

8. Watering Can

Nowadays almost everyone has a garden hose or two. That must make you wonder ”do I really need to put a watering can on my garden tools list?” I would say yes, you should. Sometimes using a heavy hose could become inconvenient. Watering cans are much more reassuring to use when cultivating new perennials or seeds, and they are often essential for rain barrels that save water. Also, it is easier to carry them around in your garden to water a specific area.

9. Weeder

It is unfortunate but true that, on this elaborate list of essential garden tools which I have put together, there’s no magic garden tool that will pull weeds for you. Still, some tools will make this chore a lot easier. Additionally, if you have a decent weeder, it can hack through stems and aerate the dirt, relieving the hand and wrist of exhaustion.

10. Garden Gloves

And last but not least comes the garden gloves. Some people prefer to garden without gloves.  And it is a really common practice out there. Some people really like the satisfying feeling of soil between your fingers. But we should also remember that sometimes that very satisfying soil is full of bugs or pests that might bite and also sharp stones which can cause serious injury; to protect your hands from all these, you should use gloves. That’s why I think that they are a very important tool you should include on your garden tools list.

Gardening might be one of the oldest and, to some people, one of the most boring hobbies. But I would argue it is one of the most soul-pleasing hobbies as it helps you to connect with nature. So do follow this list next time when you go out to buy some tools to make your soul-pleasing hobby more fun.