Roadside Assistance Options for Electric Cars

Understanding Towing & Roadside Assistance Options for Electric Cars

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They’re better for the environment since they provide a cleaner mode of transportation, and they’re frequently more cost-effective in the long run.

They are, however, extremely different from non-electric cars when it comes to towing. If you’re a first-time driver of an electric vehicle, you may want to familiarize yourself with your options. This article will help you better understand the system, including why it’s critical to have the contact information for a skilled towing company Calgary during an emergency.

Electric Vehicles: An Overview

Electric vehicles, rather than the more common gas- or diesel-powered engines, employ electric motors. Electric vehicles use a variety of technologies, depending on the type and design, but they all have one thing in common: instead of running on gasoline, they are frequently run-on electric power. The enhanced ecological aspect of these vehicles appeals to many people. Others have discovered that electric vehicles can help them save money on transportation costs, such as gas. Many drivers have also benefited from tax credits to encourage them to switch to plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles.

Four Reasons Electric Vehicles Require Roadside Assistance

Despite their advantages, electric vehicles may still require roadside assistance. Although an electric vehicle requires less regular maintenance, it nevertheless faces a number of challenges, including the following:

1. Running Out Of Battery Power

Electric vehicles can typically travel within a certain range before the battery in the car runs out. Unfortunately, this may indicate that you are stranded — particularly if you are unable to locate a convenient charging outlet on your vehicle. You can forget to charge your car, park it somewhere you shouldn’t, or even battle to find a parking spot with a charging station. The type of driving diversity depends entirely on the vehicle model, its overall performance, and the amount of weight it is hauling.

2. Tires That Are Flat

Electric automobiles, like any other vehicle, are susceptible to flat tires. Although a flat tire may be replaced on the side of the road, many drivers choose not to conduct their own tire adjustments for a variety of reasons. Some motorists are unaware of how to change their own tires. Others believe that converting a tire at the scale of the road is dangerous. Specific electric vehicles may not be able to transport a spare tire due to limited cargo space in some models. They can be facilitated with tire change Calgary services which are providing roadside assistance.

3. Dismantle

Breakdowns can happen whether you drive an electric SUV or a little car, especially if you do not maintain your vehicle properly. One that occurs on the side of the road can make it impossible to pass your car on your own and can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, the motor may fail, you may notice a problem with your all-wheel drive, or the power may appear to go out completely. Whatever the problem is, you need a reliable towing service to tow your car to a mechanic for a thorough examination ensuring safety.

4. Accidents

Electric cars, like those with traditional combustion engines, can cause serious damage. You may need to tow your car to your mechanic for more information on the damage and the accident in order to maintain your safety or owing to the extent of the damage.

5. Lockouts

Electric automobiles have a very secure mechanism, so reopening it will be difficult if you misplace the key fob or leave the key inside the vehicle. This is when roadside assistance comes to the rescue. Professionals have been trained to execute a lockout on your electric vehicle without inflicting any structural harm. To accomplish this, the specialists intentionally cut a small hole between the automobile frame and the door and manually unlock it with their equipment.

Before You Tow, Here’s What You Should Know

Make sure you know what to do next before calling a tow truck to tow your electric car. To defend the total cost of your vehicle, you must understand how its specific version affects it.

First, Go Through The Car Manual

Frequently, car manuals will include information on the best approach to tow the vehicle. Electric cars are manufactured by different companies, so they have different towing specifications. So, manuals must be checked before deciding to tow your electric vehicle.

Inquire About a Charging Truck

A charging truck is equipped with everything you need to charge your electric vehicle right away. If you feel that your plug-in hybrid has run out of charge, you should request a charging vehicle rather than a tow to the nearest charging station. Towing can damage your automobile in some cases, and a charging truck can get you back on the road and ready to go faster.

Use Flatbed Towing If Necessary

Towing an electric vehicle without a flatbed can cause damage to its powertrain. In contrast to their combustion-engine equivalents, some electric motors do not have a neutral putting in the transmission. As a result, as the wheels spin, the motor spins as well. This might cause catastrophic harm to the electric motor or engine in some circumstances. Flatbed towing, on the other hand, can help you avoid this hassle while also protecting the value of your vehicle. Reading your owner’s manual will give you a better idea of whether or not this is appropriate for your vehicle.

Inform Towing Company About Your Car Type

Always inform the towing company that you are driving an electric vehicle. The company will typically collaborate with you to keep your vehicle safe and protect it from more damage; nonetheless, the company cannot aid you if they do not know what you’re dealing with.

Determine The Direction In Which You Require Your Car to Travel

If you need to call for roadside assistance, keep in mind where you want the towing company to transport your vehicle. Is it your intention for it to pay a visit to your mechanic? Are you going to the dealership? Returning to your garage? Is it possible for roadside help to rate your vehicle on the side of the road if you have a problem with your battery charge?

Final Words

Being stranded on the side of the road can be terrifying and nerve-wracking. And having a useless car that is just occupying space in your garage is troublesome. Regardless of what caused the disruption or which alternative you should select; towing services give you peace of mind by ensuring that you will always have a backup plan to get back on the road if an electric car issue happens. And they can provide junk car removal Calgary services to provide you ease and release your worries.

Electric vehicles, like traditional combustion engine automobiles, can suffer damage or malfunctions that necessitate a tow. However, before you have your vehicle towed, be sure you understand what to expect, how it will affect your vehicle, and what you need to do to protect itRoadside Assistance Options for Electric Cars

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