What is the Cost of Different Kinds of Housing in Turkey

What is the Cost of Different Kinds of Housing in Turkey

The wise men of old say, ‘cut your coat according to your clothes (or size)’ whichever version you’ve heard, that idiom works beyond deciding a budgetary life and living within your means, it can be applied to every other aspect of life, including investments in real estate. Don’t run off, read the following few lines, and you will understand.

Realty investments are as significant as lifestyle decisions. It is even more crucial to live within your means in your assets. You may incur irreparable damages when you cannot maintain a maintenance culture to put the business in an excellent condition for future use. This article will use the cost of houses in Turkey as a case study.

Budgeting and Investment in Real Estate – Various perspectives

According to Turk.Estate budgeting is a prerequisite for balanced decision-making during market entry in real estate. It is so crucial that you either have the money or have the plan to get the money before you launch (a dependable and ascertained plan). Here are the various areas to budget before you invest in real estate:

The cost of acquisition of the property

The first thing to consider is how much it will cost you upfront to purchase a property. The asset price may be a lump sum of money, the total cash required to make the property yours. However, if you have a flexible plan, the acquisition cost may be split into yearly, monthly, or bi-annual segments of how much you need to spend and how you intend to get the money. It would help if you considered the cost of a property before taking any decisive steps over it. Consider if the prices are negotiable and to what extent. Then go back to your drawing board and see the plans you have to pay it fully. In Turkey, a penthouse may cost you at least sixty thousand (60 000) euros and above. For one bedroom apartment, you may need to budget thirty thousand (30 000) euros upwards, depending on the property’s location. For a two-bedroom, you should have about fifty thousand (50 000) euros, and four beds may cost you up to Seventy Thousand (70 000) euros.

The short-term and long-term earning potentials of the property

Next thing to consider after knowing the price is this ‘how much can I make from the property in one year?’ ‘how much capital will I need to put into it before it can become usable’ ‘what’s the profit potential?’. Asking yourself these questions and being frank about the figures and potentials will help you see the possibilities you have with premises and how or whether they will benefit you in the long run. If you are investing for personal use, you may need to think of the earning potential, the questions should then be about durability for long-term usage. This section of inquiry aims to see how far the profitability is. If you cannot do the calculations yourself, employ the services of an independent agency to report for you and rely on something other than the seller’s information as they may be exaggerated (what do you expect? They are trying to sell out!).

The maintenance requirements of the property

This is the next most crucial capital element to look into in real estate. Some properties cost less compared with counterparts in the state, but they have massive capital maintenance measures to remain tenantable and usable. If you do not count the maintenance cost, you may be bargaining for more than you can afford. Compare your maintenance needs over the estate with your investment capital/ purchase price, and you will be able to see how much the property costs. Also, these will enable you to get a balanced view of the profitability of the premises, even if it is for residential or commercial purposes. High maintenance may eat into your investment profits and deplete them significantly, so cut your coat according to your cloth and have a plan on how to get the money for maintenance, or the property will dilapidate out of use.

Its strategic location

Lastly, consider the property’s location and the real estate track record around it. This is a profit determinant because location will affect the resale, rent, and proprietary benefits that will come in the long run. It may not be wise to spend too much money on the location, but spending that much elsewhere may make perfect sense.

Consider these tips cumulatively, and you are on your way to sound real estate decisions in Turkey and anywhere else.


This article reiterates the importance of budgeting in real estate investment. It was discovered that budgets are a crucial part of quality investment decision-making in acquiring real estate. The areas you should look into while budgeting include the property’s purchase cost, the property’s short-term and long-term earning potentials, the property, the maintenance requirements of the property, and its strategic locations and possibilities. A comprehensive analysis of these areas will help you see the actual cost of housing in Turkey and prepare you for the grey days.