Kayak Paddle

What should I look for in a Kayak Paddle?

Kayak Paddles are required when you are planning to go surfing. Do you think any kayak paddle will do the job? If a wrong kayak paddle is chosen, then it may increase body fatigue, possible accidents, and many more.

So, if you’re planning to buy a kayak paddle, then it would be mandatory to know about the features to have in it. Many key factors are important while choosing a kayak paddle for yourself. Now the question is, what should I look for in a kayak paddle? And one of our experts has flourished the factors on this page.

What should I look for in a Kayak Paddle?

What should I look for in a kayak paddle? If you wonder about this question, why don’t you keep reading to know in-depth? You won’t overlook any key factor while picking a kayak paddle for your vacation.

What should I look for in a Kayak Paddle


So, the material is nothing but the most premium feature that makes the difference. Different materials are used to make a kayak paddle in terms of serviceability and the kayak paddle price. Different composite materials are used to make kayak paddles. These different materials have different functions that may excel or hinder the comfort of the surfer significantly.

Fiberglass Blades:

If you have some money to spend, then a fiberglass blade should be your pick. The performance of the fiberglass blade is second to none. In terms of serviceability, the fiberglass blade is one of the safest. Under huge pressure, parts of it may chop off, but there will still be enough left to serve you. And you know, it’s not usually broken from cover to cover.

Plastic/Nylon Blades:

Plastic/Nylon is one of the cheapest kayak paddle materials. Fortunately, you’ll find this kayak paddle under 100 dollars that is really affordable. It can serve you as needed in the water.  However, It may break under pressure and may rote under direct sunlight.

Shaft Design:

The shaft design should be chosen based on your preference and usage.

Straight shafts are preferable for new surfers. However, fresh hands can easily operate these paddles without having any expertise. In the case of the bent shafts, it requires additional skills and practice before surfing.

Even the regular surfers need to practice bent shafts before going into the deep sea with it. However, the bent shaft has its advantages as well. It is handier, so when a strong ocean current comes, the bent shaft does not need additional power to control. An additional benefit of this design is to protect you from muscle fatigue, even with a bent shaft. Isn’t it lucrative?

Size of the Shafts:

The size of the shafts should be chosen based on the user. Usually, kayak paddle comes in two sizes, one is standard and the other small. Children or the surfers with relatively smaller hands should choose the smaller shafts. It suits their hand, so causes less muscle fatigue.

The standard size should be chosen by adult people. They can apply as much pressure as they please with the standard size shafts and surf the way they like.


The storage facility should be considered while planning to choose the best kayak paddle. For storage facilities, paddles come in pieces. Mainly there are two parts or four parts of paddles. Those parts can be divided into smaller pieces so that they can be packed inside a bag and carry it around as needed. It can be attached within a moment when you need to surf again.

Paddle Length:

The paddle length is a key factor when it comes to choosing a kayak paddle. It has different effects on your ride over the water.

However, one should consider the boat’s length while you’re searching for a paddle to have the best experience. The longer the size of your boat, the longer the paddle should be taken. Along with it, the size of the person should be considered as well. The taller the person is, the taller the paddles should be. The paddler height and boat width should properly be checked to get the best kayak paddle.

Blade Design:

The blade design is another key factor to handle ocean currents.

You may choose an asymmetrical blade for surfing. And you won’t find the blades symmetrical on both sides. One side gets a bigger piece, and the other gets the smaller parts. These blades are suitable for driving water while surfing. It makes surfing easier for the surfer, thus does not cause muscle fading.

Narrower blades are a favorite of surfers nowadays. These blades are light in weight, so it is suitable for surfers that are planning to go on a long ride. Usually, campers that travel to islands that are located far away use this blade to reach their destination with a minimum effort.

Winder blades are another great type of blade that is more powerful than others available in the market. It produces a higher speed, so the boat runs faster. And it’s one of the reasons why surfers love to have them. Features of this blade are also useful if you are riding through a water body that is full of fishing trips. This blade removes all the fishing nets so that you do not have to spend the rest of the day stuck to the traps.

Moreover, some other factors come your way while picking a paddle for your kayak. The reason why you are buying the kayak paddles is important as well. For example, recreational, finishing, etc. types of paddles are available in the market. These will provide some more advantages to you on the go. Once the suitable paddle is selected, all that’s left to do is go surfing.

Final Words

The paddles are required to enjoy the vacation during kayaking. The best way to enjoy a vacation is to travel to sea beaches every once in a while. And it’s not mandatory to be a professional to surf there but to be a surfing enthusiast.

So, what should I look for in a kayak paddle to enjoy the surfing? The factors are described and known to you now. Hopefully, the next vacation will be quite amusing to you with the best kayak paddle.