Hot Water Extraction technique

Why is the Hot Water Extraction technique the way to go?

Carpet at your home and offices add life to the space. However, with water damage, the charm, shine, and coziness of the carpets fade away. Availing water damage restoration services Sunshine Coast assures the safety of your carpets. But, there is more you should do if you want your investments to last long.

Among the various carpet cleaning methods, hot water extraction has always been recommended by professionals. So, what makes the hot water extraction technique highly effective?

Let’s understand why the hot water extraction technique is the way to go for your valuable carpets!

Hot Water Extraction and Steam Cleaning. What’s the Difference?

Both the terms steam cleaning and hot water extraction are often used interchangeably. However, in the steam cleaning process, there is little to no steam generated for carpet cleaning. That’s why the use of the term ‘hot water extraction is more accurate.

In hot water extraction, hot water is infused in the carpet fibers and later extracted that removes dirt, stains, and bacteria. The process gives incredible results and is highly recommended by experts of water damage restoration Perth. So, when you have water-damaged carpets at home, make sure to opt for the hot water extraction method.

How Hot Water Extraction Works?

For performing hot water extraction, professionals arrive with a truck mount that injects cleaning solution along with hot water in the carpets. The process is best performed by professionals and using the truck mount.

Later, the water is extracted from the carpets using a powerful device. The pressure released to the carpets helps in breaking down stains, bacteria, and dirt. The hot water extraction process must be performed after flood restoration Perth.

Continue reading to understand the step-by-step process of performing carpet hot water extraction!

Hot Water Extraction technique

Process of Hot Water Extraction after Flood Restoration Perth

The fact that the hot water extraction method only uses hot water and a cleaning solvent can be amusing for some. So, find out how this effective method is performed by professionals.

Step1- Preparation of cleaning solution

The device used for performing hot water extraction has separate compartments where cleaning solvent and hot water are filled. The professionals make sure to use eco-friendly cleaning solvents for cleaning carpets so they can boost the lifespan and don’t have any allergic reactions.

Step 2- Loosing Dirt

In the next step, the hot water and cleaning solvent is infused into the carpet using high pressure. The high pressure forces the dirt, and stains to loosen up. This step makes the process effortless.

Step 3- Stain Removal

Some stains are tough to remove. In such a situation, professionals apply stain removers for removing stains and spots from the carpets. Stain treatment is necessary so it doesn’t spread all across the carpets.

Step 4- Water Extraction

In the final step, a hot water extraction machine is used for sucking up all the dirt and moisture from the carpet. The machine used by professionals is industry-approved and effectively removes 98% of moisture from the carpets.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction has always delivered outstanding results. This method is highly effective in extracting dirt and dust from carpets. Apart from being effective, there are several other benefits associated with hot water extraction, that you must avail of after water damage restoration services Sunshine Coast.

  • Deep Cleaning of Fibers

Dirt and dust that remain ingrained deep inside the carpet fibers can be removed using this method. Hot water extraction penetrates water inside the fibers and sucks out dirt, stains, and bacteria. A combination of cleaning solvent and warm water helps in breaking down tough stains.

After availing of water damage restoration Perth makes sure to get your carpets steam cleaned for better results.

  • Safe and Environment Friendly

Hot water extraction is one of the safest and eco-friendly methods of all. In this method, warm water, some cleaning solvent, and a high-pressure device is used. Make sure to ask the specialists about the cleaning solvents they are using. Many a time use of harsh chemical-based cleaning solvents can cause allergies and discomfort.

The use of eco-friendly solvents leaves no residue that assures zero damage to your carpets. Your carpets remain in great condition and endure wear and tear.

  • Long-lasting Results

Carpets are an investment and you want them to last long. However, if you are accustomed to performing vacuum cleaning, then the carpet lifespan may be at risk. Vacuuming isn’t enough for removing deeply ingrained dirt, here the hot water extraction method is your only solution.

Availing hot water extraction after flood restoration Perth is a must. Furthermore, the method is renowned to be safe, eco-friendly, and effective. All such attributes help in boosting the lifespan of your precious carpets.

Why You Should Rely on Professionals Instead of DIY?

Performing hot water extraction requires access to devices, and specialized cleaning solutions. Commonly, these equipment are not found or used by residents. Even if you manage to gather the equipment there will always be a lack of skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Amateurs end up making mistakes that ruin their carpets and even leave them damaged in some cases. For avoiding such situations, availing of professional hot water extraction experts is necessary.

Don’t wait too long for getting water damage restoration services Sunshine Coast. Rely on professionals as they have knowledge, skills, experience and are licensed to perform carpet cleaning. They offer guaranteed services and deliver satisfactory results in a safe manner that helps in boosting customer satisfaction.


Residential and commercial customers should not delay in getting their carpets cleaned and restored professionally. Hot water extraction is by far the best technique for cleaning carpets deeply. The method is safe, eco-friendly, and delivers effective results as well.

So, when you have water-damaged carpets at home, don’t delay in getting them cleaned by the hot water extraction method. If you are interested in getting your carpets cleaned by the most reputed company of flood restoration Perth then feel free in contacting us!