Costa Dorada

5 Top Places to visit in Costa Dorada for Tourists

There are so many Costas in Spain that you may need clarification about where to peg your money or invest in real estate, or perhaps you look forward to having a lovely holiday and need help deciding which cities to visit.

Where is Costa Dorada?

Costa Dorada translates to the Golden Coast. Sitting right in the middle of Barcelona and Tarragona, Costa Dorada is located in the Catalonia region of Spain. He is home to some of the iconic beaches in the Caribbean areas. It was named the gold coast because when the sun shines on this Caribbean coast, the beach sand glitters in golden colours and looks like pearls. When it was discovered that it looked this way, people began to refer to the area as the golden coast. Unfortunately, the glitters are temporary and do not have real gold. Like many other coasts, however, you may find pearls or items watched off the sea shores such as sea shells, river pearls, etc.

What is Costa Dorada Known For?

Costa Dorada is one of the choicest destinations for tourism in the whole of Spain. It captivates the interests of tourists with its sunny canvass and allure to experience the ocean’s beauty. The water is bluish, and the sand glitters like gold in the sun. You can fly into Costa Dorada through Barcelona or Reus airports. Dorada is known for its famous restaurants and the most popular Caribbean cuisines.

What kind of Properties are preferable in Costa Dorada?

Property for sale in Costa Dorada differ in units, land mass, property size, and interior decoration, to mention but a few (there are many factors which affect how properties are priced). Standard modern apartments are costly in Costa Dorada, varying prices from about €200 000 up to a million Euros. Returns on investment in the area are estimated at 10% for long or even short-term packages (which is a significant margin compared to other similar investment areas). Investments such as food shops, rentals, tourism sites and

5 Top Places to visit in Costa Dorada for Tourists

  • Eat in one of the most incredible places in the Caribbean: Costa Dorada has some of the most charming restaurants on the Spanish Coasts, and you should include them in your lists of the top must-visit sites during your stay. You can try the restaurant La Morera, Arcs Restaurante, the Zebra Pizzeria Puerto Cambrils, or even the Guinness Tavern. According to Spain-Real.Estate, these restaurants are rated well among the fascinating part of Costa Dorada. You can check their menus online to see what is up for grabs before you go.
  • Playtime in one of the fascinating parks: Costa Dorada has some fascinating family parks and outdoor locations where people can have fun as a couple or as a family. For example, La Playa Pineda is a set of an exquisite collection of hotels, children’s parks, outdoor playgrounds, pools and luxury hotels in Costa Dorado. You can also look into Park Aventura and the Parc Suma, likewise unique places to visit.
  • The Beaches of Dorada: Nothing equals the beaches of Dorada; the coasts are virtually named after them, and there are many lively options that you can look forward to seeing. Some of the best beaches include the Cala Forn, the Platja De Sant Jordi, the Playa Waikiki and the Platja Xelin, which have cool beach houses, impressive play joints, bars, restaurants and sporty hangout sections. There is nothing you are looking for on these beaches that you will not find. They are perfect for sea diving, and the waves are not too strong. Moreso, the water is not so disastrous during wet seasons, and people flock to the area endlessly.
  • Historical Landmarks in Costa Dorada: Nothing impresses tourists like seeing the original sites where life-changing events happened in the past, especially when such locations have been preserved and renewed over the years. No doubt, these locations tell of history and heritage, and they are most beautiful and rich in the culture of the people. Some o the Historical landmarks include:
  1. The Illuminated Fountains of Dorada: This set of lighted fountains come alive at night as the waters curl into the air at intervals. It is pretty new, and it is entirely artificial. Located in Salou, this fountain has coveted the awe of passersby and tourists since 1970 and has gone through varying stages of renovations to achieve its current look. You can find Spanish eateries and relaxation spots nearby where you can eat and take a few shots with the fountain in your background.
  2. The Ferreres Aqueduct: aka the Pont De Diable Dorada, was built whilst the Romans occupied Costa Dorada; it served as a channel for the transportation of drinkable water to the area now known as Tarragona. These tall bridge towers remain to date, and tourists walk them and feel the strength of the stones.A Walk at the Paseo Maritimo: This is a 4-kilometre-long walkway lined up with trees and pleasant distractions. Couples bond whilst walking this walkway, and people often use it as an exercise point every morning and evening.
  3. The Ancient Casa Navas: Built in the early 20th century, the Casa Navas is one of the ancient buildings with modernist architecture still preserved. The building is breathtaking, and tourists love to see the place.
  4. Other friendly locations:are the Circ Roma, Anfiteatro, the Ruins of Monestir De Santes Creus, The Castillo Miravet, Institute Pere Mata, and La Rambla Nova but a few.
  • Tarragona Sites: Lastly, Costa Dorada has the advantage of the closeness to some of the best happening places in Tarragona. You can visit the Cathedral Basilica and the glamorous Sitges and enjoy private tours in those halls of fame and glory. If you visit Dorada, add a site sighting of the Tarragona wonders to your to-do list.


Against that backdrop, it is safe to conclude that Costa Dorada is a fun place to visit or live in. Moreover, the area has a high investment potential, giving realtors up to 10% profits over their properties. It is highly recommended that you put the Coast of Gold on your list of top must-visit locations in Spain. You will be glad you did.

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