Hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean from prying eyes is a veritable tropical paradise: the Hawaiian Islands. When you ask someone about this place, they immediately mention tropical forests, snow-white beaches, surfing, and the traditional dance of the common Haitians, the hula. However, in fact, a trip to Hawaii can surprise more than it seems, because these mysterious islands hide a lot of interesting things that are just waiting to be discovered. Therefore, after reading this article, you will learn exactly where and how to spend a luxury family Hawaii vacation in this year. Thus, read on, so you don’t miss any interesting details.


Since Hawaii is not only far from the continental United States, but also from other countries, there are two ways to get here: by boat or by plane. We recommend using the services of the International Airport of Hawaii, as it is the only air terminal with international connections to most countries in the world, located in the capital city Honolulu (island of Oahu). Therefore, as soon as you arrive, SUV rental Honolulu airport, and you can easily arrange your vacation on the Paradise island. The best time to travel in Hawaii – is the spring period, namely from April to June exclusively, because from July to December the island is characterized by hurricanes and squally winds. In addition, it is in the spring that hotel room rates and excursion tickets are the lowest compared to other months.


La Croix is one of the coolest 5-star hotels in the country and is located in Honolulu’s upscale Waikiki area, where the view from all luxury suites is exclusively of the turquoise ocean and endless sandy beaches with palm trees and tropical fruits.  Among the hotel services: swimming pool, diving, solarium, ordering equipment for water sports (including surfing), ordering a cab, hiking in the adjacent park, and for children the rooms are free! Thus, this is the place to be listed as one of the best luxury vacation Hawaii Villas for the whole family in European style interiors. Another luxury hotel worth staying overnight is the Embassy Suites. There you have a choice of rooms with different views (mountain, beach, city), a large heated pool, yoga rooms, jacuzzi and exciting evening entertainment.


Actually, the Hawaiian archipelago has about 137 small islands and atolls. However, majority residents live on the 24 main islands. Most tourist guides recommend wilvuding these islands:

  • Hawaii (the main and largest island)
  • Maui
  • Kahoolawe (abandoned)
  • Lanai
  • Molokai
  • Oahu (this is where the capital is located, not on the big island, as many believe)
  • Kauai
  • Niigau

Each of these places is unique and takes your breath away in its own way.


Upon arriving in the capital, it would not be out of place to visit Diamond Head, which is the crater of the volcano Koolau, which died out about 200,000 years ago. From its height (more than 200 meters) offers a stunning view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. No wonder that this place has become a real platform for filming action movies. You can go on a railway track to another extinct volcano – Koko, which incidentally gained great fame thanks to the same name cartoon. It is worthwhile to use cheap SUV car rental in Honolulu to easily visit all the attractions and move along the route. Another interesting place is the museum dedicated to historical events “Pearl Harbor Memorial”, where you can touch real examples of planes and cars of those times. Did you know that here is a real waterfall – Manoa, which originates from the slope of a volcano and is hidden in the jungle. To see the history of this incredible country, closer SUV rental cars in Honolulu and buy a ticket to the Castle Iolani – the main architectural structure and a symbol of the city. It is worth noting that for the fans of romantic luxury Hawaii vacation packages for couples in love is available on a yacht cruise in the open ocean, a helicopter flight over all the suburbs of the city, a trip to the uncharted islands and deep sea diving in the turtle canyon.


Hawaii is a multicultural region in which the traditions and cultures of different peoples of the world have mingled. However, there are still traditional rituals and holidays of the native inhabitants of the islands. Probably everyone has seen the popular animated series “Lilo and Stitch,” which, on a somewhat primitive level, shows the reverse side of life of the locals. In all seriousness, however, it is true that Hawaiians originally do a dance called hula. The attire for it is a skirt (even for boys) and certain items of clothing made of leaves, traditional beads or lei flowers. Most often, such a dance is performed to the accompaniment of the ukulele or guitar during festivals or holidays. And there are not many holidays here. Among the biggest are May Day, Boys’ Day and Girls’ Day (both originating from Japanese culture), which are celebrated in the spring. Another fascinating spectacle is the mela, the native songs of the Hawaiians that sing about different life circumstances or even mysterious gods such as the Laku. For fans of gastronomic tours, traditional Hawaiian dishes such as Loko-Moko (rice, meat patties covered with leaves), Semon Lomi (salmon with tomatoes) or Malasadas (donuts) are worth tasting. In general, their cuisine is dominated by seafood dishes (tuna) and meat dishes (pork). Thus, at least because of this, it is worth noting Hawaii luxury vacation truly unforgettable and full of exciting adventures. Be sure to take a hula dance lesson!


The extinct volcano craters, rainforests, waterfall, endless beaches, and crystal clear blue ocean are all impeccable locations for photo shoots and travel blogging, and rousing Hawaiians in traditional dress will show you incredibly impressive moments of their lives. Join in, it’s going to be fun, after all!