Is Cuelu Legit or not

Is Cuelu Legit or not: The Complete Review of the Cuelu Website

Do you want to have a glowing face? Are you looking for amazing facial merchandise that will make you feel young? Well, if your response to the above inquiries is a Yes, then you have come to an accurate place.  This post will get you detailed information about the website in a trend known as Cuelu.

Everyone wants to look young and at their best. The unsurpassed technique to look your finest is to have a glowing and healthy complexion. That natural glow on your face will make you stand out wherever you go. Today the marketplace is filled with infinite beauty products. These products can be brought to stores and even the online e-commerce market.

But, with so much variety also comes a lot of confusion. One is unable to differentiate between a legitimate product and a scam. Cuelu is making into the top trends recently for facial glowing skin. Here we will be checking and reviewing the authenticity of the product and the website.

Basics about the Cuelu Website

When considering any website or any product, first of all, we need to know the period the product has been in the market. The Cuelu website has been launched in June 2021. The trust score of this platform isn’t very high. It has only obtained around 3.9 score points out of 100. The website claims to offer a lot of facial products including face shaping tools. The payment modes available are MasterCard, VISA, Apple Pay, and even Amex.

The strange thing about the product is that it does not have any online presence on social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, or even Youtube. There is simply no social connectivity and has no publicity means. There is no customer feedback or feedback on the website itself. Only a few reviews are found on other portals about the products available on the website. The rates of the goods are also exorbitant and not at all in the affordable range.

The website sells different types of facial and skin products that are based on Gau Sha. The therapy or skin treatment of Gau Sha is an ancient Chinese technique. This treatment gives glowing skin with the help of stone-like tools. These tools help in scraping the skin’s superficiality and helps in boosting the blood circulation in the facial nerves. It not only makes your face radiant naturally with inner beauty but also helps in relieving sinus and other accumulated fluids in face sockets. The items which are very popular on Cuelu are the Gau Sha face lifter and the de-puffer. These face rollers help in giving you a healthy and glowing face that will make you stand out.

What is Cuelu All About?

Cuelu is an online e-commerce website that sells facial shaping tools. The website claims all the tools to be handcrafted and helps in obtaining glowing skin. The women population in the USA is very excited to know more about this website and its unique products.

The act of massaging the face has been prevalent in many traditions for ages. But, only in some countries, it has been done with the help of facial tools. Most of the traditions use face massages with the help of a hand but some use facial tools.

The USA has not had many websites which have been selling these facial tools. But Cuelu claims to sell only handcrafted genuine facial tools which have been made with precision. The website says that the tools help in obtaining glowing skin and the products are very easy to use.

Apart from the above claims, the next big thing to know is whether the Cuelu website is legitimate or not

Some Specifications you need to know about Cuelu

  • Website Address:
  • Contact Information: 18002427128
  • Email address to contact the website:
  • Certification of SSL Integration and HTTPS.
  • They have a return and refund policy of up to 30 days.
  • The delivery time for the products ranges from 16 to 24 days.
  • No Social media presence
  • Available range of products is face rollers, facial tools, face creams, facial bleach kits, and much more.

Pros of Buying from

  • Facial tools for skin glow using the Gau Sha treatment
  • Returns and refund policy is available
  • The contact number and support email is provided on the website
  • Different payment modes are available
  • Uses of the products under the Guidebook option

Cons of Buying from

  • Very few items are available on the website
  • No social media presence
  • Very high discounts are offered sometimes
  • The return policy mentions items such as flammable liquids, although the website does not deal with any of these products
  • No Corporate address is mentioned on the website
  • Low trust Score
  • The prices are very high and sometimes the discounts make the prices almost nil.
  • The reviews available are edited and made up. They don’t seem real.

Is the Cuelu website Legit

When you visit the website, it asks you to log in with a password and asks you to subscribe immediately. There is a chat box available to help you answer your questions. But the website seems highly suspicious.

Well, we have researched the internet for the customer reviews of the website, and the trust scores are indeed very low. In addition to that, the 5 starred rating available on the website seems to be before the date of the creation of the website which makes them highly suspicious.

There is no contact address or corporate address information available on the website. It does not give any hint about the inventors of the product and the website. As per our research, some harmful Trojans and malware are detected on the website. The rank on the Trust index is just 3.9 which is very low.

Our Final Recommendations

No popular websites such as Quora, Reddit, or Trust pilot have any reviews about Cuelu. This often indicates the unreliability of a website. All in all, we would recommend going to the website at your own risk and avoiding being scammed. It is advisable to buy from this website only after taking a calculated risk and doing deep research.