Smokeclaim com – Learn Everything About Them

Have you ever got a call trying to lure you in by promising to take care of any kind of damages caused mainly by smoke contamination? Most of them are known as scam calls. Smokeclaim is also an organization that has promised to care for your needs.

Stay with us throughout the article to check if they really are legit or a scam, just like most other funding groups out there. Don’t waste a second more and scroll down to come face to face with the information on the community that has just been lately launched in October 2020.

What is

Smokeclaim claims to be a community or a group that helps recover the damages for the people caused mainly by the smoke contamination through wildfires. Their research shows that one can not see smoke contamination with their naked eyes. That is why it spreads easily and rapidly, damaging many properties or even causing death to many people.

They have promised to run a thorough microscopic examination to find the damage that has been caused by the smoke contamination and then re-evaluates the property’s damage. After that, Smokeclaim’s team is the one that then negotiates with the insurer and gets you your money.

What do they do?

They offer these services to those near the wilderness that could catch fire instantly and cause harmful damage to people. They also give a proper overall check of your property and don’t charge anything until there’s a settlement. The settlement is calculated with the damage, the location, and the amount of damage caused.

You also don’t have to worry about negotiating with your insurer, as they’re the ones doing it on your behalf to let you ease up a little bit. They have also committed to providing you with a fair and non-discriminatory settlement.

Owner of Smokeclaim

Argen Youssefi is the one who started this organization and now owns the group. He was the one who started with the simple idea of starting a recovery group to help people get their money back from the damages caused by the smoke contamination.

Drawbacks About Them

There are also a few drawbacks that might make you think twice before letting them deal with your matter. The drawbacks are mentioned below, so catch up on their information.

  • They have a website that has little to no helpful information on it.
  • The license number of the website is also non-valid, and you can check it yourself with the website that checks all the valid licenses.
  • The website owner even hid all the information, terminating the user of any direct contact.
  • The website also lacks BBB approval.
  • Many similar groups have proved to be a scam; therefore, smokeclaim might just be one of them.

Legitimacy of

According to the people’s reviews and their happiness because of this group shows their legitimacy. People ought to contact them again if they face such harm ever again. This could be the perfect way to show how and why they’re legit. After all, who doesn’t like a helping hand when they’ve been faced with such harmful threats.

People’s Opinion On Them

Many people have left positive and encouraging reviews online that speak nothing but good things about them. Hardly any negative comments were found on any platform. There are also no comments or likes on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc., which might make Smokeclaim a little bit suspicious.

Apart from that, the people’s voice about them being great at their service shows how much people have started loving and appreciating their services. They even recommend the group to other users, making them try out their service.

Legal Clashes

The only and the most significant legal clash with them is the not valid license number on their website and the BBB certification. These two are the most vital certificates to own while running an organization that provides these kinds of services to the public. Hence, this might make people think of it as a less reliable source to get service from.

Other than that, they have been doing nothing illegal that could draw people away and get them behind bars.

What Makes Them  Stand Out

The only thing that makes them stand out from other recovery groups is their legitimacy and favoritism of people they gained over a short span of time. While the other groups primarily focus on scamming people and trying to make as much money as possible, these people mainly focus on helping people out in their hard times.

The most significant difference is that many people have urged other people to try their services which are not available in other recovery groups. Gradually, they’ve been growing and becoming popular among people who live near-wilderness. It is because of them providing a lot of eased-up services to get you the very best outcome even with the destroyed properties of yours.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Do your proper research and satisfy your heart and mind before moving forward and making a deal with them. If you’re still not sure whether to trust the group or not, you could survey the internet even further and learn more things about them. Do not move forward if you are not satisfied with the information given to you.

You can also check out their website to make sure if they’re a scam or not. Even though their website doesn’t have much information to display, it still might answer your questions. Read as many articles as you can about them and contact those who have taken their services and are satisfied with them.


Considering all the reviews and the people’s opinions about them could be a reason to trust Smokeclaim. After looking at all of their services that provide settlements for your damages, it might be safe to say that the group is reliable. Though the license and BBB certification might make you hesitate and so the readers are encouraged to read the complete article before proceeding.